Free Movement Story

Meet the Founders 

The Free Movement story starts with the founders Andrew Suttner, Errol Hughes and Graydon Hughes. 

Andrew & Errol have known each other since they were 13 years old growing up in South Africa. Life took them on separate paths throughout the years but destiny brought them back together in Southern California. 

In 1992, armed with just two sewing machines and an unyielding determination, Andrew and Errol founded a small manufacturing business. Over the years, their manufacturing business flourished, and they expanded their team. Many employees had been with them since the very beginning, and the company felt like a close-knit family. 

Over three decades in manufacturing, they were entrusted with producing t-shirts for every major brand, a testament to the unparalleled craftsmanship and dedication they brought to their work. As they refined their skills, they set their sights on creating the perfect t-shirt, one that combined comfort, style, and a sense of free movement. 

Thus, the brand "Free Movement" was born from this family owned vertical manufacturing business to create the highest quality premium t-shirt that is environmentally responsible as we strive to leave positive impact on the world.