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How to Care for Pure Cotton Clothes: Tips and Tricks

Cotton clothing is classified as quality clothing. This material offers benefits because it is a flexible textile and does not generate skin irritation or any other type of allergy.

However, despite offering benefits such as durability and comfort, pure cotton clothes require special care to maintain their quality and extend their life span.

Taking care of pure cotton clothes offers the extra benefit of not having to buy clothes every time they have lost their quality, which results in economic savings.

These are some of the reasons why in this article, you will learn the correct way to care for these cotton garments so that you can enjoy their benefits in the long term.

Understanding Pure Cotton Clothes

Cotton is an easy-to-identify material, and one of its main characteristics is that it is a soft natural fiber, which is why it is the most sought-after when buying clothes.

Internationally, pure cotton clothes are the most sold and marketed. Some other characteristics of cotton garments are:

  • It is an extremely resistant material.
  • It can be dyed and bleached without any difficulty.
  • It is a breathable fabric, so heat will not affect its use.
  • It is insulating, as some other garments made with this material can keep warm in the winter.
  • Its softness protects the skin of adults, children, and especially babies.

Unlike other fabrics, cotton fabric is made from 100% natural material, making it more environmentally and skin-friendly.

Identifying Pure Cotton Clothes

There are many ways to identify pure cotton clothes; the main one is by touch because, being a soft material, it is easy to identify cotton garments.

However, the most effective way to identify it is by reading the garment's label because sometimes it is normal to find T-shirts whose texture is soft but is made of 50% cotton and 50% polyester.

It is possible to know the materials the garment is made of on the label or in the instructions.

Preparing to Wash Pure Cotton Clothes

Washing pure cotton clothes correctly will be of great help so that their durability, flexibility, and firmness do not deteriorate. Most of the time, we make the mistake of combining cotton t-shirts with other materials or white t-shirts with colored t-shirts.

Even if they are made of the same material, they will likely lose their color or become dull if combined with different colors. Therefore, the first step to washing pure cotton clothes is to separate them by color and type.

In this part, if the T-shirts have stains that are very difficult to remove, they can be previously washed with a special soap or one that has active oxygen.

The type of soap needed for each piece of clothing made of pure cotton is written in the instructions. Sometimes, it is possible to use special cleaners such as bleach, soap with active oxygen, or special soap.

Washing Pure Cotton Clothes

Even if the instructions are clear, knowing the correct way to wash pure cotton clothes is important.

If you want to wash by hand, it is important not to use too much force or use any other tool, such as a brush, as these quickly wear out the clothes, and they become prone to have holes or lose their color.

Between washing by hand or in the washing machine, it is much more advisable to do it the second way. However, it is important that in any of the two types of washing, only cold water is used.

Depending on the clothes you have washed (colored, white, or black), you should use a special soap for this type of cotton. Using detergents with active oxygen is recommended, as they remove difficult stains effectively and do not damage the clothes.

Drying Pure Cotton Clothes

To dry pure cotton clothes correctly, it is necessary that the washing machine first completes its washing and drying cycle.

Between a tumble dryer and air drying, it is usually more advisable to choose the second option because if left too long in the tumble dryer, there is a possibility that the clothes will shrink.

However, if you choose to dry the clothes in the tumble dryer, you should leave them for 15 to 20 minutes, but you will have to take them out even if they are still wet, preventing them from over-drying and shrinking.

In the end, the semi-damp clothes should be placed on a rack or on a flat surface to finish drying correctly.

Ironing and Steaming Pure Cotton Clothes

Between ironing and steaming, you should prioritize using steam as the primary option for ironing pure cotton clothes.

This is because if ironed directly with heat, pure cotton clothes can burn or start to dull.

On the other hand, an excellent way to maintain pure cotton clothes is by folding them correctly. Simply throwing them away may cause wrinkles to appear and deteriorate more quickly.

Storing Pure Cotton Clothes

Storing pure cotton clothes correctly is much simpler than it seems because once they are folded, it is simply a matter of arranging them in a drawer or piece of furniture away from sunlight.

The clothes should not be placed in a space where the sunlight hits them directly since this is the main reason why the clothes begin to appear with certain stains or the color of the garment loses intensity.

In addition, the closet, or any place where it will be stored, must be completely closed to prevent the clothes from being exposed to other elements, such as the entry of dust and dirt.

Maintaining the Quality of Pure Cotton Clothes

Following these tips will help extend the life of pure cotton clothes. Of course, all these tips may vary depending on the labeling of the garments.

On the other hand, it is advisable to wash pure cotton clothes at least every week or every 15 days to avoid damage. On the other hand, removing the clothes when drying in the air and sunlight is important because leaving them for a long time would also cause stains to appear or lose their texture.

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