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Organic fashion trend: Winter 2022

Eco-fashion is a current way to raise customer awareness when dressing with garments or accessories. Also known as Slow Fashion, this new trend has had a strong impact because one of its primary functions is focusing on environmental and social sustainability.

The organic fashion trend is not something that emerged in the last three years; however, it is in this period of time that has had a significant impact on fashion lovers.

What is Organic Fashion?

Organic clothing, as mentioned above, is also known as Slow Fashion. It aims to create more durable clothing from organic materials and fabrics to avoid the consumption of clothing known as fast fashion, which has poor quality and, therefore, less durability.

This organic fashion trend directly impacts the production and elaboration of clothing because it does not use pesticides and relies more on water-based inks. Organic fashion also guarantees that the raw materials are obtained from natural materials, not from animals.

The organic fashion trend has ceased to be just that, a simple movement, and every day, more and more consumers have made it part of their lives, and in this article, you will know what are the other reasons to join this trend that is back to stay.

Why is it trending right now?

The reason why the organic fashion trend has been trending lately is due to different factors, one of them external. Although organic fashion has been done since the 80s, its impact or production was inferior, as there was no barrier to overcoming global consumerism. Nowadays and due to overpopulation, some companies can not meet the high demand in the fashion world, making these companies choose to produce clothes of poor quality. These clothes usually end up in a landfill or, worse, in the sea, inevitably polluting even more than what they already polluted during the manufacturing process.

The high demand for fashion products has been one of the primary keys of the organic fashion trend, producing clothes in greater quantity, with poor quality, and most of the clothes end up being discarded. Fortunately, the consumer has become more conscious of climate change, among other environmental issues. Ecological clothing has the main characteristic of being more durable, which reduces wear and tear. It is not limited to seasonal clothing; instead, you have basic garments that you can use and reuse whenever you want without renewing your closet every season.

In addition, the garments marketed in this organic fashion trend imply better conditions for employees in the textile sector, for example, a better salary and no exposure to chemical products that endanger their health.

Moreover, the organic fashion trend drastically reduces water consumption during the process. While conventional products require tons of water to produce, organic clothing does its best to minimize the use of this natural resource. Undoubtedly, one more reason to join this organic fashion trend is that it saves the environment and ensures greater durability than traditional fashion clothing.

The clothing you should buy

For this winter season, where the weather conditions can be cold, in Free Movement, we have at your disposal different products.

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Buy these and other organic garments from us. We use techniques that reduce the production of CO2, as well as the use of filters certified by environmental standards for the care of water. Always focused on caring for the environment and giving you a quality product, our goal is to make the organic fashion trend become your way of life.

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