cotton a material for organic fabrics

Why Should You Choose Organic Fabrics?

As time goes by, clothes have become a second skin for people, so it is necessary to choose the fabrics we use correctly. For there are fabrics containing toxic chemicals that harm the environment and our bodies.

On the other hand, it has been shown that using organic fabrics can help avoid various skin problems. But this is only one of the reasons why choosing garments made with organic materials is a good option. The list is very extensive, but we will summarize some important points you should know.

Organic Fabrics Environmental Benefits

One of the main reasons organic textiles are considered an excellent alternative to taking care of the environment is that they do not usually use chemicals. They are not used during cultivation or during the processing phase, thus minimizing the impact generated by the use of pollutants.

In addition to this, organic fabrics are characterized by being reusable garments and have a relatively high quality of life. So after they can no longer be worn, they continue to be used after passing through industrial machines that convert the pieces of fabric into garments or something else.

All this helps to conserve biodiversity and soil health and also helps to reduce energy and water consumption.

Health Benefits

As we said before, just as organic fabrics can provide many benefits to the environment, they can also offer many health benefits. Because they are products that do not contain harmful chemicals, several skin problems commonly caused by chemical toxins are reduced.

So problems such as skin allergies or irritation reduce or disappear over time. Natural fibers and dyes do not usually cause such problems, and clothes made with natural fabrics allow the skin to breathe, regulate heat quickly, and are comfortable.

Impact on Workers

One of the main characteristics of organic fabrics is that they seek to respect the labor rights of employees. This is achieved through fair conditions for the companies that work in this branch and for their workers, in addition to promoting local trade.

Workers have better working conditions, and by not using products that are harmful to health, common ailments in the manufacture of garments can be prevented. This not only helps the worker to have a better quality of life but also to perform adequately during working hours.

Organic Fabrics Compared to ConventionalĀ Ones

Unlike organic fabrics, synthetic garments are obtained from laboratories through industrial processes. Nylon, Elastane, Lurex, and Polyester are some commonly used materials to make synthetic garments. Unfortunately, these garments often cause allergies and skin problems.

Although the maintenance of synthetic garments is relatively simple, they have several drawbacks. In addition to causing skin conditions due to the problems it causes the body to sweat, the chemicals with which they are painted can also affect long-term health.

The environmental and social impact is another point in favor of organic fabrics since the manufacture of synthetic materials also affects local commerce. In addition, they are difficult to reuse and can last for many years before they start to decompose, so the environmental damage is relatively high.

Variety of Organic fabrics

Usually, when talking about organic fabrics, the first thing that comes to mind is cotton, but the truth is that you can find a wide variety. Although cotton is one of the most popular materials, there are also fabrics made from hemp, linen, silk, and bamboo, among others.

So, if you want to diversify the clothes in your closet even more, you can use garments made with these organic fabrics because each can benefit you. For example, hemp is known for its anti-microbial, thermal, and breathable properties and, like organic cotton garments, usually has timeless designs.

As you can see, garments made with organic materials have many benefits, both for your health and the environment. So, if you are looking for a place to get a Men's Organic Hoodie, we are what you need because we have a wide variety of designs at Free Movement.

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