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Going Green Has Never Been Easier: Eco-Friendly Organic T-Shirts

In clothing, we are seeing more and more the use of organic t-shirts, as this industry has been part of the environmental impact that has been living in these modern times.

In the industrial world, the term "ecology" has become a trend due to the great wave of consumers who demand companies make their processes more environmentally friendly.

Ecology in the industry is a discipline in which companies have the role of improving the environment of which they are a part. Their role is to make better use of resources and improve their industrial processes to be more efficient and environmentally friendly.

That is why you can find endless articles in the market whose label specifies that this is not harmful to the environment because it may be a product that has recycled materials or is made organically.

In this article, you will see all the benefits of using organic t-shirts instead of traditional t-shirts.

The Problems with Conventional T-Shirts

T-shirts, and traditional clothing in general, are incredibly harmful to the environment for several reasons.

The first is due to the chemicals needed to manufacture the T-shirts. In this case, the substances would be dyes. This element is responsible for 20% of water pollution, and although these products are not harmful to the user when wearing the garment, they are harmful to rivers, lakes, and even the sea.

Since the issue of water has been mentioned, the traditional textile industry spills tons of water in manufacturing and producing T-shirts. To estimate what they consume, a single T-shirt requires approximately 2,700 liters of fresh water or the amount of water a person drinks in two and a half years.

The energy consumption needed to produce T-shirts causes significant greenhouse gas emissions. Because these companies produce massive amounts, the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of the world's carbon emissions.

Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there, as another way traditional fashion harms the environment is due to textile waste. On average, a piece of clothing lasts approximately six months, and consumers throw it in the trash instead of donating or giving it away. At the end of their journey, they end up on the beaches degrading and polluting as the days pass.

The Benefits of Eco-Friendly T-Shirts

Organic t-shirts benefit both the environment and those who purchase these products. The first part of how organic t-shirts help the environment is in the cultivation.

Conventional cotton farming employs excessive water use, which, along with the chemical fertilizers used, causes water and environmental pollution. On the other hand, organic garment cultivation is sustainable by encouraging crop rotation to keep the soil healthy, fertile, and moist. Water use for organic t-shirts is considerably reduced, generating energy savings that translate into less carbon dioxide emissions.

This also strengthens ethical and moral standards within the industry. By using natural resources, the cultivation of these garments is governed by a social responsibility policy, which aims to avoid child exploitation, forced labor, discrimination against employees, and working hours. In this way, safe working conditions, legal labor contracts, and the payment of a living wage are guaranteed.

Reducing damage to the environment with the help of organic t-shirts is an excellent way to take care of one's health. Organic t-shirts reduce irritations, allergies, and even dermatitis, especially in babies' thin skin.

Eco-Friendly T-Shirts on Trend

As mentioned, the trend of acquiring organic t-shirts has gained momentum thanks to the movement behind it. Repeatedly, thousands of news stories have gone viral about the fact that many garments are stored on beaches or in common garbage dumps, degrading over time and releasing all the chemicals they have into the sea.

Thanks to this pressure from consumers, all those companies that join this wave of producing, manufacturing, and selling organic t-shirts can be sure that their sales will increase. Organic clothing used to be a symbol of poor-quality clothing. Still, the new techniques and not harming the environment have made the t-shirts and clothing, in general, have an outstanding quality, much more than traditional clothing.

Organic t-shirts are of great use even in companies since, in addition to reducing costs in the acquisition of clothing, they contribute to the conservation of the environment, which gives them an image of being socially responsible.

Choose Organic T-shirts, Choose Free Movement

Organic t-shirts are an excellent way to reduce the enormous environmental impact that has been caused in recent years. Taking care of the environment while getting a high-quality t-shirt is a sure way to get all its benefits.

At Free Movement, we join this trend of producing organic t-shirts to avoid harming the environment. We have various designs and colors in our catalog for those looking for Men's Short Sleeve Organic T-Shirts.

If you need t-shirts wholesale, with the guarantee that their products will not harm the environment and that you will get the quality you deserve, you can be sure that this is possible at Free Movement.

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